7 Best Ludo Games For Android (2024)

You will see thousands of mobile gaming apps that cater to a dedicated section for Ludo. They have upheld the tradition and added a few twists to this classic board game.

But what are the best Ludo games to download from your Android mobile device? Why most apps are not that popular? Before downloading one, let us check the features you must look for in a Ludo app.

Seven Top Android Apps to Play Ludo

Best Ludo Games For Android

MPL Ludo

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is one of the most popular Android apps, and it has a dedicated section for Ludo in its casual gaming section. Play Ludo Online by choosing one of the variants in this app. It offers three variants. They are:

  • Ludo Dice: It is a quick-mode variant with a time limit to roll a die and move your tokens. You can attack and capture an opponent’s tokens and score points. Every move adds to your score. The highest scorer wins the game. 
  • Ludo Win: Ludo Win is a variant where limited moves are given to each player. You will move three tokens on the board and score points. Capture opponents to score more and win the game.
  • Ludo 2 Dice: In this variant, you have four minutes to roll a die and move your tokens. You can also capture the tokens of other players. You get bonus moves when you roll a six or capture an opponent’s token.This app offers an offline mode for practising all these variants. Develop your skills, devise a strategy, and participate in contests to win real cash rewards. 

Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the most popular Android apps dedicated to this classic board game. This app has amassed huge popularity because of its exclusive user interface and graphics.

Create avatars that look like you or can adapt from celebrities to make your Ludo game more exciting. It offers new variants that differ from what you have experienced in other apps.

It has a 6-player Ludo variant where you can compete with five other players online. The ludo track is designed to follow conventional gameplay, which makes it more fun. 

Rush Speed Ludo

Rush Ludo is a popular Android app that does not prefer AI bots. You can download this app and connect with real players with zero waiting time. It offers marvelous variants to keep your Ludo enthusiasm up all the time.

This app uses RNG algorithms to make every game fair for all players. It also matches your skill level to find online players for a Ludo match. As the name suggests, this variant is based on a speedier version of the classic board game. You will get 10 minutes to move your tokens, capture others, and win a match. 

Ludo Party

Ludo Party provides an online multiplayer platform for Ludo enthusiasts. This app lets you create a private room and invite your favourite players online. This app offers both offline and online modes to play this classic board game.

The interface allows players to chat in real-time and interact to build a community. The best feature of this app is its breathtaking graphics.

Rolling a die and tokens moving on the board will keep you hooked for hours. Find the top variants of this board game here and keep playing to collect new dice, tokens, and even board themes.

Ludo Royal

Ludo Royal is a favourite of fans worldwide because of its voice chat feature. It lets players interact with voice chats sent directly while playing this game online. This app has a strong security feature to protect your personal information from other players or cyber threats.

The only drawback is that you cannot invite friends or known players to an online match. The interface will choose random players based on your experience level. All the variants and matches follow fair-play rules. 

Ludo 3D Multiplayer

Are you bored of playing Ludo on a 2D screen? Forget the other apps and download Ludo 3D Multiplayer. This app has a 3D user interface where you can choose animated characters as tokens.

Roll a 3D die and choose a token to walk on a dedicated track. Unlock new worlds to play Ludo with other players online.

Ludo Pro

Ludo Pro is a free Android app for downloading and playing board games with friends. You can also team up and compete with other teams worldwide by creating a profile and connecting with other players online. With its exclusive variants, give your Ludo experience new twists.

Top Features of a Ludo App to Look for

Easy UI

An app must have a fluidic user interface (UI) that assists you in using the controls for rolling dice and moving tokens. The UI must have exceptional audiovisual features to keep you hooked to this board game. Also, the soothing graphics should not strain your eyes while playing this game for hours.

Game modes

To play Ludo on your Android mobile, you must have multiple gaming modes. Typically, there are offline and online modes to choose from. The offline mode is ideal for learning the rules of a Ludo variant, while the online mode allows you to apply the strategies you have developed after playing this game for hours. 

Ludo variants

Check for the modern Ludo variants that add twists to the classic version. The fast variants are the most popular, where players get only a handful of moves. The scoring system depends on the blocks or spaces where a player moves his tokens.

The challenging levels also make this game more interesting. Users keep playing Ludo online and collect experience points to add new themes, collect bonuses, create avatars, etc.

Security measures

Many Ludo apps offer the opportunity to participate in daily contests and tournaments and win handsome cash rewards. Therefore, a Ludo app must offer the highest security measures to protect your personal information from cyber threats. 

Verdict: Choose an Android Ludo App!

Follow these factors and choose a suitable Android app to play Ludo online. Focus on the available features and choose a secure platform to connect with random players. Devise your winning strategy and participate in online contests to win real cash rewards.

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