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iMovie is one of the best video editing software available for iOS and macOS users. But if you want to download iMovie For Windows 10 or 11 PC then you are in the right place. Because here in this article we share how you can download and use this app on your windows pc. 

We also tested more than 20 windows video editing software and here share the best of them which are similar to iMovie and available for free. Before we start this article you should know that the iMovie app is only available for iOS and macOS users.

There is no official version of the iMovie for windows that you can directly download and start using. But you can use this video editor with an iOS emulator on your windows pc, the same as we install iMessage on windows pc.

The downside of using an iOS emulator is that there are not any good iOS emulators available for Windows users. While using any iOS emulator on your pc, you may feel lags on it, and maybe not be the best way to use video editing software on your pc. 

iMovie is by far the best video editing app for beginner mac and ios users as it is very easy to use and comes with all basic features. And now let’s check out the process of installing this app on a Windows 10 or 11 pc with the iOS emulator.

How to Use iMovie on Windows 10/11 PC?

iMovies on Windows

Here in this process, we are using iPadian as an iOS emulator. This app is available for windows but it is not free and you have to buy it for $25. Before you go and purchase this app we want to clarify that this iOS emulator may not be able to run your iMovie video editor on your windows device.

  • First, visit the iPadian official website, click on the download button available there and it will redirect you to the PayPal website to make payment.
  • Once you made the payment on the PayPal website, you can download this iOS emulator on your windows pc and install it on your pc.
  • Next open iPadian, log in with your Apple ID, and download the iMovie app from the app store on your iOS emulator.

We have tested iPadian on our windows pc and run iMovie on it but it’s really hard to use on it. If you are planning to do any video editing with this combination we recommend you to not do it. Instead of this, you can check out some mobile editors on pc like capcut and youcut.

iMovie Alternatives For Windows

As you know now that there is no such way available that you can use to edit videos with this iMovie on your windows pc. The method we share above can be used to learn about iMovie but certainly not for editing videos.

There are tons of video editors available for windows but all have their own pros and cons. We have tested most of them and here are the best 4 iMovies alternatives that you can use on your pc for free.


Shotcut - iMovies Windows Alternative

Shotcut is open-source video editing software available for all Windows, Mac, and Linux users. This app is available for free to download and it is very easy to use for all beginners who are new to video editing.

The interface of the iMovie app can be a little different from iMovie but you can learn it very easily and use it as an iMovie alternative on a windows pc. Let’s check out some Pros and Cons of this app so you can get a better idea about this video editing software.


  • It is open-source software and is available for free to all users.
  • You can use the Shotcut app on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It does support hundreds of audio and video formats.
  • You can find many tutorials for this app on its official website to learn about this app.


  • It may lag on a low-end pc if you are adding so many elements to your video.
  • For some users, it may be hard to learn editing on this app in the beginning.

Website: Shotcut


OpenShot - iMovies Alternative on PC

OpenShot is another one of the best alternatives to iMovie for Windows users. This is an open-source video editing app available completely free for all windows, mac, and linux users. It supports more than 70 languages and comes with a very easy-to-use user interface.

You can find all basic features in the OpenShot app, from trimming and slicing to adding effects to your video; everything is there in this app. This app was first launched back in 2008 by Jonathan Thomas and it’s been downloaded millions of times.


  • You can add unlimited layers to your video in the OpenShot App.
  • It is open-source software and available completely free.
  • It comes with a Title Editor which you can use to add 3D titles to your video.
  • Very simple to use and learn for all beginner users.


  • It’s hard to find video tutorials for the new version of the app.
  • You may feel a bit of lag while using some advanced features.
  • The latest version of OpenShot is not available for Mac users.

Website: OpenShot



Kdenlive is another open-source video editing software that can be the best fit as an iMovie alternative video editing software for windows and linux users. This app uses MLT Framework, KDE, and Qt for video processing.

The good thing about Kdenlive is that it supports Proxy editing where you can edit your video in low resolution and render it in high resolution. And because of this feature, you can very easily use this video editor on a low-end pc as well.


  • This app comes with automatic backup, in case something is messed up you can recover older versions of video as well.
  • There are both light and dark themes available for your editing interface in the Kdenlive app.
  • You can do multitracking video editing with the help of the Kdenlive app.
  • It is open source, free, and one of the best alternatives of iMovie for windows pc.


  • Sometimes it may crash if you load up many things at the same time.
  • This app does not use GPU to render videos and it can be a heavy load on the CPU.

Website: Kdenlive

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is one of the best and most advanced post-production video editor apps that is used by many editors worldwide. We can not put this video editor as an iMovie alternative for Windows users because this is a very advanced and post-production video editor.

But if you are looking to do advanced-level color gradings and want to have all advanced video editing features then Davinci Resolve can be the best choice for you. This is an advanced video editing app just like the motion ninja app on pc. Now let’s check out some of the pros and cons of using the Davinci Resolve app.


  • All features that any beginner needs are available for free.
  • You can do very good color grading of your video with this app.


  • For beginners, it can be harder to learn this software.
  • It can not be an iMovie alternative for Windows users.

Website: Davinci Resolve

FAQs on iMovie For Windows PC

Is iMovie available for Windows?

No, there is no official version of the iMovie app available for windows or android. It is only available for iOS and macOS users. However, you can check out some alternative video editing apps that we cover in this article.

What is the Windows version of iMovie?

There is 3 software for beginners Shotcut, OpenShot, and Kdenlive and for advanced users, Davinci Resolve can be a very good option.

Is iMovie for Mac only?

iMovie app is available for macOS and iOS both operating systems and you can use it on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Is iMovie good enough for editing?

Yes, it is a very good video editing app for all beginners who are looking for basic and simple features. You can edit very good videos with the help of the iMovie app and learning this app is very easy.

Video on iMovie For Windows PC

For more details on how to download iMovie for windows, you can also check out the above video as well. To conclude this article, if you want to learn about iMovie then you can install it on your pc with the iPadian iOS emulator but if you want to do actual video editing then it is best to go with an alternative app.

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