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Who doesn’t want to play this fantastic Naval Warfare game on a bigger screen, right? So if you want to download an Azur Lane PC game, this article is for you. Here not only can you download this Naval Warfare game on your PC, but you can also learn how you can play it on your Windows and Mac.

Azur Lane is a role-playing game where you act as the commander of battleships and fight against Sirens. From designing your battleship and upgrading it to taking down enemy ships, you can find all this in this game.

This game is not only designed to attack enemies, but while attacking your enemies, you have to protect your ship as well. Similar to strategy games like Guns of Glory and State of Survival, You can partner with other commanders and make alliances to defeat your enemies in this game.

Playing Azur Lane on your PC gives you next-level experience as it has stunning graphics you can experience on a bigger computer screen. Unfortunately, no official version of the Azur Lane game is available for Windows or Mac users.

You must use an Android emulator to download and play Azur Lane on your computer. Also, you need to have a powerful PC to play this game smoothly on your PC with an emulator because of its heavy graphics.

How to Play Azur Lane on PC? [Windows Users]

Many users who have never played any games on emulators may wonder how to play an Azur Lane game on pc with an emulator. For all of those users here, we share a complete step-by-step guide on it.

  1. First, you need to download and install an emulator on your PC and then download this Naval Warfare game from the Play Store.
  2. If you downloaded the game from the Play Store, you still need to download Azur Lane game updates, which are around 7 GB.
  3. You can click on the Confirm button after opening the Azur Lane game on your PC with the emulator, and it will download all updates on it.
  4. Now it can take a long time to download all updates depending on your internet speed. Once it is downloaded and updated, the game will restart.
  5. Next, it will show you a complete guide on controlling your sheep, attacking enemies, and all in the Azur Lane game.

This is how you can easily play this amazing Azur Lane game on your PC or Laptop. The process will be the same also if you are playing this game on a Mac.

Azur Lane Features on PC

The Azur Lane game is free for all users, whether you are playing it on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. Here are some fantastic features that are available in this game.

  • In the Azur Lane game only, there are 300 ships available, and as you keep playing the game, you can unlock them. The more exciting part is that each ship has its own character.
  • As this game is designed on the concept of a 2D side-scroller, it is straightforward to play for all users, even those who have zero experience with gaming.
  • When you play Azur Lane on a PC, you can choose your ship, customize it, upgrade it, and make any other changes.
  • For more beginner players, one mode is available where AI controls your ships, and you have to give a command; it makes it very easy to fight a beetle and play the game.
  • The Azur Lane game has unique characters, that have unique strengths, and the game will assure you that you will never get bored while playing it.

You can find all these amazing features in other action games like Free Fire and Mario Kart Tour; you can check these games on our website.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Azur Lane game; you can look at them to get a solution to your question regarding this game.

How to play Azur Lane on PC?

You can play the Azur Lane game on a PC with the help of an Android emulator. Here we have shared a complete step-by-step process on it.

How many GB is Azur Lane?

When you download the game from the Play Store, the size is about 2 GB; when you download all updates in-game, it’s another 6 GB. So in total, the game size is about 8 GB.

Can you play Azur Lane offline?

Some offline modes are available in the Azur Lane game, and you can play them without an internet connection. However, you need the internet to download all updates in the first place.

How many GB is Azur Lane PC?

Essentially you are playing an Android version of the Azur Lane game on your PC, so the game size is about 8 GB (with all required updates), and the emulator size can vary depending on which emulator you are using.

Playing Azur Lane on a PC is undoubtedly far better than playing it on a small mobile device. But to run this game on your Mac and Windows, you need to have a powerful PC and graphics.

So get ready to build your battleship and defeat all enemies in this fantastic Naval Warfare game. If you still have questions about this game, please ask us in the comment box below.



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