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10 January 2024
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Playing the State of Survival PC game can be fun if it works smoothly on your Windows and Mac devices. Here, you can download this free zombie game on your PC, learn how to set up the game and play it smoothly with an Android emulator.

State of Survival is a strategy and survival game available for Android and iOS users. This is a strategy game like Misty Continent but different from Coin Master. In this game, you are a survivor who is trying to survive in the game by fighting zombies and building other valuable resources in the game.

You can make progress in the game by using your strategies to rebuild your base with other survivors and defend it from zombies. And here, if you are playing a State of Survival game on your PC, it can give you advantages compared to playing it on your mobile phone.

You could fight better with zombies in the game as you have a bigger screen and control of the keyboard and mouse. And you can rebuild the broken city without help from the military or government in the game.

How to Play State of Survival on PC? [Windows & Mac]

As you know, the State of Survival game is only available for mobile users, and to play it on your PC, you need to have an Android emulator.

You can download any emulator of your choice or use the button above to download the emulator with this State of Survival game.

  1. In the first step, download the emulator, install it, and download the State of Survival game from the Play Store. For more details on this, you can check out the video in the last section of this article.
  2. Next, you can open a State of Survival game on PC by clicking on the game icon available on the main dashboard of the emulator. And it will open the game on your Android emulator.
  3. While it’s loading, it will show you the FunPlus and King Group logos which are developers of this game.
  4. Once the game is opened, you can choose your character, customize it, and follow all the instructions provided by the game.

Depending on your emulator, you can set up your keyboard and mouse control to play this State of Survival game.

It’s time to rebuild our cities after this zombie apocalypse. So get ready, make the team, and start enjoying this fantastic game on your windows or mac computer.

State of Survival Features on PC

State of Survival is one of the best zombie survival games because of all the features this game offers. Here you can check out some of them.

  • This is a single-player game, so you are only in charge, and you can make your strategy to survive in the game.
  • In this game, you’re fighting with zombies, building your team and base, rescuing people, and doing many other exciting things.
  • If you are playing a State of Survival game on pc or mobile for the first time, there is a complete guide available in the game.
  • The game has no levels, so it gives you the feeling of being in a zombie movie, and the movie is going ahead as you choose to be.
  • State of Survival game graphics is good even though it is smaller and works smoothly on almost all android emulators.

These features make this State of Survival game different from other zombie games and enjoyable to play. Also, developers keep updating this State of Survival game and adding new events and features you can play and use regularly.


If you like playing challenging games check out Getting Over It. Check out the FAQs below for more details on this game.

Can you play State of Survival on PC?

Yes, you can play this free zombie game on your PC, including Windows and Mac. All you need is a good Android emulator on your PC, and then you install and download a State of Survival game on it.

Is Joker in State of Survival?

Yes, the joker is available in the State of Survival game; you can unlock it and team up to fight all laughing zombies.

Is State of Survival free on PC?

Yes, you can play this game for free on all your devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. But there are in-game purchases available in this game.

How can I play State of Survival on my laptop?

The installation process of the State of Survival game on a laptop or computer is the same, and to install it directly, you can use the above download button. It will automatically install the emulator and this game on your Windows or Mac laptop.

You don’t need a very powerful computer or graphics card to play this game on your PC. As this game is lightweight, you can run smoothly with a good android emulator on your lower-end PC.

If you like this article and the installation of the State of Survival PC game, please share it with your friends so they can enjoy this fantastic zombie survival game on their PCs.



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