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Maxim Karpenko
25 July 2023
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Hey, do you want to play the WorldBox PC game? Then here you can find the complete process to download and install this sandbox god simulator game on your Windows or Mac. WorldBox is a sandbox god simulator game available on the play store and app store to download. In this game, you can create your world from scratch.

You are the God in the WorldBox game, and you can create Civilizations, create your cities and build houses in them. And help people to survive, evolve and build powerful civilizations. It is like the Solar Smash game, where you can destroy all kinds of galaxies.

WorldBox game is also available on Steam, and you can download it from there and play it on your PC. But if you are looking for an alternative free way to do it, here you can find the complete process.

The experience of playing a sandbox god simulator game on the PC is fantastic, and you can have a bigger screen with all the options available. And that makes playing the WorldBox game on Windows or Mac easy and fun.

In other methods, you must have the Android emulator on your pc to play this sandbox god simulator game, as you have to play the WorldBox mobile game on the emulator to get access to a bigger screen.

WorldBox Download PC [Windows & Mac]

Playing this game on pc is fun if you have installed and set it up probably on the Android emulator. This God Simulator game is still unavailable on the pc because Maxim Karpenko hasn’t released any version for Mac or Windows users.

I used the NOXPlayer in my process, but you can use others like Bluestacks or LDPlayer. Now follow the step-by-step process to install WorldBox on your pc.

  1. To start this God Simulator game installation, visit the nox player website and download and install NOXPlayer on pc. It is available for Windows and Mac both.
  2. Next, open the emulator; the first time, it can be longer depending on your PC specifications. And click on the search bar with the play store icon first.
  3. Now search ‘WorldBox Play Store’ in the search bar available, and it will give you all the results.
  4. Click on the play store link titled ‘WorldBox – Apps on Google Play’, and it will open in the emulator’s google play store.
  5. Next, click on the ‘Install’ button, and it will start installing the WorldBox game on your PC. It can take longer, depending on the game size.
  6. Once the WorldBox game is installed, you can see the open button. Click on the open button available there.

Above is the complete process to download and install the WorldBox game on a Windows or Mac PC. It is simple but a little bit longer. And now you have a bigger screen to play the sandbox god simulator game. Get ready to create your civilizations and take humanity to the next level with this game.

How to Play a WorldBox on PC?

As we are playing the WorldBox game on the emulator, new users may not know how to set up this God Simulator game and play it on the emulator.

  1. Open the Android emulator and click on the WorldBox game icon on the dashboard. Refer to the below image for more details.
  2. Now it will open this sandbox god simulator game on your PC. You can log in with your account or create a new account in the game.
  3. Once you are logged in, you can start playing this WorldBox game on your pc easily using the keyboard and mouse of your PC.

Above is the complete method for playing this sandbox god simulator app on your Windows or Mac PC using the Android emulator. This game is amazing, but if you want to play a life simulator game, then BitLife on pc can be a better option.

WorldBox Features on PC

You may know all its features if you play the WorldBox game on your phone. But when you play this God Simulator game on an emulator, you can get some other features also.

  • You can play this WorldBox game offline also, so you don’t always have to be connected with mobile data or wifi to play this game.
  • You are the God in this sandbox god simulator game, so you have all the power to create the world and build different mythological races.
  • Even if you are playing a WorldBox game on pc, it’s available for free because you are playing the mobile version of the game on Windows or Mac emulators.
  • The graphics of this sandbox god simulator game are fantastic, and with the different sound effects, this game becomes better.


To clear out your last remaining doubts about how you can use WorldBox on Windows or Mac, here are FAQs on it.

Is WorldBox available on PC?

Yes, this sandbox god simulator game is available on the PC either you can purchase it from Steam and play the game, or you can play the mobile version on pc for free using the Android emulator.

Is WorldBox free to download?

Yes, this game is free on the google play store and apple app store. You don’t have to pay anything to play this sandbox god simulator game.

How do I install WorldBox on my PC?

To install this sandbox god simulator game on pc, you need an Android emulator if you plan to install the free mobile version. You can follow the process we have covered here for more details.

Yes, so these are some questions and answers on the WorldBox game. You can ask us in the comment box if you have any doubts. So in this article, we have covered how to download the WorldBox PC game and set it up on Windows or Mac Android emulators.



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